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Classify and catagorize, placing everything neatly in its place.

I am a Phd student at the University of California Santa Barbara where I study Computer Engineering. The program is 5 years long and on the day of this writing I am at the beginning of the fourth year. In the fourth year my research interests are VLSI (Especially older technology nodes, and emerging technologies), LDPC codes, Neural Turing Machines, Dynamics, Chaos, Turbulence, Practical Artificial Intelligence, Interfaces, Internet of Things and Asynchronous Communications. In the second year, my research interest's where: Hardware/Software interfaces, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Image to Word Data, VLSI, Community Definitions, Systems Design, Deep Learning Nets, Automation, Internet of Things and Natural Language Specifications. They have evolved from reading various books. The best way to get to know someone is by reading common books so please, feel free to share books with me.

Some Projects of Mine

This is a work in progress and it always will be. I am always curious and investigating something.

Send a message to chsegal @ ece dot ucsb dot edu